Other corporate documents

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APS Employee Census 2022 for OPC

opc_highlights_report_-_public_release.pdfPDF1.09 MB

Audit Committee Charter

s02ee355.v31.pdfPDF188.68 KB s02ee355.v31.docxDOCX35.43 KB

Child Protection - First Parliamentary Counsel Statement of Compliance

child_protection_-_first_parliamentary_counsel_statement_of_compliance.pdfPDF132.18 KB

Child Safety - Incident Notification Form

incident_notification_-_child_safety.docxDOCX17.03 KB

Corporate Plan 2022-26

office_of_parliamentary_counsel_2022_-_26_corporate_plan.pdfPDF669.33 KB office_of_parliamentary_counsel_2022_-_26_corporate_plan.docx.docxDOCX1.5 MB

Fitting the Bill - Carmel Meiklejohn

fitting_the_bill (1).pdfPDF8.69 MB

Office Procedural Circular No. 2.10 - Procedures for facilitating and dealing with public interest disclosures

opc_pid.pdfPDF295.18 KB s14ay379.v04.docxDOCX46.09 KB

OPC Gift Register

OPC Gift Register.pdfPDF209.58 KB

OPC Information Publishing Scheme Plan

m17hh161.v02.pdfPDF124.29 KB m17hh161.v02.docxDOCX289.14 KB

Organisation chart

04042022_seniororgchart.pdfPDF132.94 KB

Privacy Impact Assessment Register

PIA Register Feb 2023.pdfPDF194.92 KB

Reconciliation Action Plan

FINAL - OPC Reflect 2023 - 2024_0.pdfPDF5.65 MB