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2023 APS Employee Census - Highlights Report (Excel version)

xlsx file, APS01978 - OPC.xlsx, file size 39.88 KB

2023 APS Employee Census Action Plan

pdf file, Census Action Plan 2023.pdf, file size 197.19 KB

2023 APS Employee Census Highlights Reports

pdf file, APS01978 - OPC.pdf, file size 1.21 MB

2023 Census Action Plan

docx file, Census Action Plan 2023.docx, file size 23.88 KB

APS Employee Census 2022 for OPC

pdf file, opc_highlights_report_-_public_release.pdf, file size 1.09 MB

Audit Committee Charter

pdf file, ARC Charter.pdf, file size 306.07 KB docx file, ARC Charter.docx, file size 62.65 KB

Child Protection - First Parliamentary Counsel Statement of Compliance

pdf file, Child protection statement of compliance 2023.pdf, file size 175.58 KB

Child Safety - Incident Notification Form

docx file, incident_notification_-_child_safety.docx, file size 17.03 KB

Corporate Plan 2023-27

pdf file, Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2023-27 Corporate Plan.pdf, file size 782.66 KB DOCX file, Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2023-27 Corporate Plan.DOCX, file size 1.66 MB

Fitting the Bill - Carmel Meiklejohn

pdf file, fitting_the_bill (1).pdf, file size 8.69 MB

Office Procedural Circular No. 2.10 - Procedures for facilitating and dealing with public interest disclosures

pdf file, opc_pid.pdf, file size 295.18 KB docx file, s14ay379.v04.docx, file size 46.09 KB

OPC Gift Register

pdf file, OPC Gifts and Benefits Register.pdf, file size 230.16 KB

OPC Information Publishing Scheme Plan

pdf file, m17hh161.v02.pdf, file size 124.29 KB docx file, m17hh161.v02.docx, file size 289.14 KB

Organisation chart

pdf file, OPC Org Chart - May 2023.pdf, file size 266.63 KB

Privacy Impact Assessment Register

pdf file, Privacy Impact Assessment Register Sept 2023.pdf, file size 113.26 KB DOCX file, privacy impact register.DOCX, file size 243.86 KB

Reconciliation Action Plan

pdf file, FINAL - OPC Reflect 2023 - 2024_0.pdf, file size 5.65 MB