Our functions

The Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) is established under the Parliamentary Counsel Act 1970. 

Our functions include:

  • drafting proposed laws for introduction into the Parliament
  • drafting amendments of proposed laws that are being considered by the Parliament
  • drafting subordinate legislation such as regulations, proclamations and other legislative instruments
  • preparing compilations and reprints of Commonwealth laws
  • publishing:
    • laws, and proposed laws, of the Commonwealth
    • compilations and reprints of Commonwealth laws
    • information relating to Commonwealth laws
  • preparing and publishing Government Notices Gazettes
  • maintaining the Federal Register of Legislation
  • promoting the legal effectiveness and clarity of legislation, including by providing advice and training in drafting matters
  • other functions conferred on OPC or on the First Parliamentary Counsel under the Legislation Act 2003 and any other laws of the Commonwealth
  • with Ministerial approval, providing assistance to foreign countries in relation to drafting, printing or publishing of their laws