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opc drafting manual

OPC Drafting Manual

Edition 3.2. OPC’s Drafting Manual gives an overview of drafting legislation. It covers technical aspects, such as titles, numbering and formatting, as well as matters relating to the content of laws, including constitutional issues and the use of various expressions.

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OPC’s Guide to Reducing Complexity in Legislation

OPC’s Guide to Reducing Complexity in Legislation

OPC’s Guide to Reducing Complexity in Legislation.

This Guide looks at the causes of complexity in legislation and sets out ways in which those causes can be addressed and legislation made less complex.

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Amending Forms Manual

Amending Forms Manual

Fifteenth edition. This manual sets out the amending forms that OPC drafters use in amending Bills and instruments, and in amendments to Bills before Parliament. All drafters are required to follow the forms set out in the manual. This ensures a consistent approach is taken to amendments.

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Plain English Manual

Plain English Manual

The Office of Parliamentary Counsel is active in encouraging the use of plain language in legislation and in developing and using plain language techniques. In addition to OPC’s participation in major plain language projects such as the Tax Law Improvement Project and the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program, we have incorporated plain language drafting into all of our work. This Manual outlines some of the techniques we use.

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Reporting and Assurance

Drafting reporting or external assurance requirements - information from the AASB and AUASB

Information about the importance of consistency with AASB Standards or AUASB Standards where legislation requires reporting or external assurance over information.

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