Drafting Directions

Presentation and form of legislation
No. Title Date of issue

Long and short title of Bills and references to proposed Acts

29 May 2019 pdf file, s06rd369.v20.pdf, file size 376.1 KB docx file, s06rd369.v20.docx, file size 48.96 KB

Names of instruments and provision units of instruments

01 July 2022 pdf file, s12cs430.v39.pdf, file size 245.51 KB docx file, s12cs430.v39.docx, file size 47.49 KB

Portfolio for cover page of Bill

07 June 2022 pdf file, s06rd370.v93.pdf, file size 187.81 KB docx file, s06rd370.v93.docx, file size 35.71 KB

Commencement provisions

01 July 2022 pdf file, s06rd372.v96.pdf, file size 645.4 KB docx file, s06rd372.v96.docx, file size 85.53 KB

Simplified outlines

30 November 2016 pdf file, dd_1.3a_0.pdf, file size 99.25 KB docx file, s13am280.v17.docx, file size 60.79 KB


29 May 2019 pdf file, s06rd379.v57.pdf, file size 478.86 KB docx file, s06rd379.v57.docx, file size 63.33 KB

Asterisking to identify defined terms

07 September 2020 pdf file, s06rd374.v10.pdf, file size 377.91 KB docx file, s06rd374.v10.docx, file size 47.67 KB

Numbering and lettering

02 October 2012 pdf file, dd1.7.pdf, file size 268.18 KB docx file, s06rd375.v12.docx, file size 36 KB

Special rules for Tax Code drafting

04 September 2023 pdf file, Drafting Direction No. 1.8 Special rules for Tax Code drafting.pdf, file size 670.46 KB docx file, Drafting Direction No. 1.8 Special rules for Tax Code drafting.docx, file size 89.99 KB

Alternative text for images in legislation

08 September 2021 pdf file, s20rs183.v11.pdf, file size 509.7 KB docx file, s20rs183.v11.docx, file size 274.3 KB
Usage (including plain English)
No. Title Date of issue

English usage, gender-specific and gender-neutral language, grammar, punctuation and spelling

01 March 2016 pdf file, dd2.1.pdf, file size 382.42 KB docx file, s06pf331.v48.docx, file size 50.51 KB

Use of various expressions in draft legislation

21 December 2023 pdf file, S06RD401.V80.pdf, file size 415.43 KB docx file, S06RD401.V80.docx, file size 67.1 KB
No. Title Date of issue

Constitutional law issues

07 September 2020 pdf file, s06rd382.v47.pdf, file size 510.1 KB docx file, s06rd382.v47.docx, file size 65.09 KB


02 July 2019 pdf file, s06pf337.v17.pdf, file size 391.68 KB docx file, s06pf337.v17.docx, file size 51.47 KB

Application of legislation in relation to various maritime and external areas

02 October 2012 pdf file, S06RD383.V24.pdf, file size 277.91 KB docx file, S06RD383.V24.docx, file size 36.47 KB

Conferral and exercise of powers (including by Governor-General)

02 October 2012 pdf file, dd3.4.pdf, file size 302.33 KB docx file, s06pf328.v10.docx, file size 42.29 KB

Criminal law and law enforcement

17 June 2020 pdf file, s06pf330.v57.pdf, file size 414.58 KB docx file, s06pf330.v57.docx, file size 82.49 KB

Regulatory powers

31 March 2021 pdf file, s10bg244.v65.pdf, file size 465.46 KB docx file, s10bg244.v65.docx, file size 84.34 KB

Commonwealth bodies

10 January 2023 pdf file, s06pf346.v88.pdf, file size 745.11 KB docx file, s06pf346.v88.docx, file size 137.92 KB

Tribunals and other administrative bodies--various matters

08 March 2016 pdf file, dd3.7.pdf, file size 289.66 KB docx file, s06rd384.v24.docx, file size 60.97 KB

Subordinate legislation

09 December 2021 pdf file, s06pf335.v115.pdf, file size 473.55 KB docx file, s06pf335.v115.docx, file size 68.86 KB

Evidence and proof (including oaths and affirmations)

19 June 2013 pdf file, dd3.9.pdf, file size 308.36 KB docx file, s06pf329.v17.docx, file size 43.31 KB

Legislation that refers to or affects Australian governments or jurisdictions

01 June 2018 pdf file, s06rd386.v20.pdf, file size 381.47 KB docx file, s06rd386.v20.docx, file size 50.36 KB

Implementing Commonwealth agreements (including treaties and conventions etc.)

01 January 2018 pdf file, dd3.11.pdf, file size 291.83 KB docx file, dd3.11.docx, file size 44.68 KB

Provisions that make the Commonwealth liable to make a payment

24 May 2016 pdf file, dd3.12.pdf, file size 308.44 KB docx file, s06rd388.v31.docx, file size 43.45 KB

References to cases in notes

31 August 2020 pdf file, s06rd389.v17.pdf, file size 84.27 KB docx file, s06rd389.v17.docx, file size 35.72 KB

References to the Parliament

02 October 2012 pdf file, dd3.14.pdf, file size 262.19 KB docx file, s06pf351.v13.docx, file size 34.52 KB
Procedural matters
No. Title Date of issue

Dealings with instructors

21 December 2023 pdf file, S06RD390.V40_0.pdf, file size 275.08 KB docx file, S06RD390.V40_0.docx, file size 59.36 KB

Referral of drafts to agencies

21 December 2023 pdf file, S06RD391.V170.pdf, file size 406.75 KB docx file, S06RD391.V170.docx, file size 66.52 KB

Amendments requiring consultation under an intergovernmental agreement

15 February 2017 pdf file, dd4.3.pdf, file size 414.91 KB docx file, s06rd392.v27.docx, file size 77.89 KB

Changes using FPC's editorial powers and statute law revision amendments

28 March 2023 pdf file, S06RD393.V48.pdf, file size 307.69 KB docx file, S06RD393.V48.docx, file size 63.07 KB

Legal advice on issues arising during drafting

02 February 2015 pdf file, dd4.5.pdf, file size 543.12 KB docx file, s06rd394.v23.docx, file size 46.49 KB

Legislation Approval Process

21 December 2023 pdf file, S06RD403.V92.pdf, file size 397.24 KB docx file, S06RD403.V92.docx, file size 58.5 KB

Deputy Speaker's and Chair's amendments, and changes to Minister's copy of Bill

10 January 2023 pdf file, s06rd395.v48.pdf, file size 229.74 KB docx file, s06rd395.v48.docx, file size 35.84 KB

Parliamentary amendments--various matters

04 February 2019 pdf file, s06rd396.v20.pdf, file size 287.29 KB docx file, s06rd396.v20.docx, file size 38.72 KB

Sections 53 and 56 of the Constitution--Bills and parliamentary amendments

29 May 2019 pdf file, s06pf336.v18.pdf, file size 404.12 KB docx file, s06pf336.v18.docx, file size 124.6 KB

Presentation of Bills for Royal Assent

04 October 2016 pdf file, dd_4.10.pdf, file size 71.15 KB docx file, s06rd400.v11.docx, file size 63.76 KB