Registering instruments

Under the Legislation Act 2003, the following documents must be lodged with OPC for registration on the Federal Register of Legislation:

  • legislative instruments
  • explanatory statements for legislative instruments
  • notifiable instruments
  • compilations of legislative instruments and notifiable instruments

Lodgement is done online, and different lodgement processes apply depending on whether the instrument is made by the Governor‑General in Council (an ExCo instrument) or some other kind of instrument.

Legislative instruments, and their explanatory statements, that have been registered on the Federal Register of Legislation must be tabled in each House of Parliament. OPC is responsible for lodging instruments and their explanatory statements for tabling.

When you lodge content online, you should also select the appropriate priority and provide more information in the special requirements field.  Generally, lodgements with a priority of "routine" will be registered within 2 working days and be delivered to Parliament for tabling within 3 working days after registration unless you make other arrangements. If you require content to be published or tabled at the end of the calendar or financial year, you need to lodge the content early to avoid additional fees.

If you are likely to require express or peak period registration for an instrument or gazette, early contact with OPC is helpful to enable us to meet your requirements. Please call (02) 6120 1350 or email lodge [at]

OPC recovers the costs of the Federal Register of Legislation system from departments and agencies on a cost recovery basis. An annual fee system is in place and covers all standard registration, gazettal and tabling services. Agencies will not receive any other invoices for these services, unless they require express or peak period registration. These fees are available on the lodgement site or by contacting OPC Publications on (02) 6120 1350 or by emailing lodge [at]

For information on registering instruments, see:

OPC provides comprehensive, free access to Commonwealth Acts, legislative instruments and notifiable instruments, and related material, through the Federal Register of Legislation.