Our people

OPC has 3 statutory officers appointed by the Governor-General under section 4 of the Parliamentary Counsel Act 1970

Our staff
  • Meredith Leigh - Meredith Leigh - appointed First Parliamentary Counsel on 11 October 2021;
  • Bronwyn Livermore - appointed Second Parliamentary Counsel on 17 March 2022;
  • Rebecca Considine - appointed Second Parliamentary Counsel on 11 December 2023.

Appointments are for a term of seven years and office-holders can be re-appointed.

In addition, we have a staff of around 100 people who are employed under the Public Service Act 1999. There are approximately 50 drafters, all of whom are lawyers. We also have around 40 publishing and editorial staff and 15 corporate services staff covering areas such as finance, administration and IT services.

Our Organisational Chart can be found on our Corporate reporting page.

Our staff play a vital role at the centre of government, and are responsible for drafting and publishing laws that give legal effect to government policy. We also provide support to other government agencies in drafting and compiling legislative and other instruments, and ensure that the public has free access to up-to-date Commonwealth laws.

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