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Most of the content on the OPC site can be freely used under a Creative Commons licence.

With the exception of images, our logo and the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and where otherwise noted, all content on the OPC site is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (the CC BY 4.0 licence).

This licence allows you to share (copy and redistribute in any medium or format) and to adapt (remix, transform, and build upon) content for any purpose, even commercially.

Content can be reused freely subject to the following conditions:

  • you provide a link to the relevant pages on the OPC site or, if multiple pages are involved, a link to the OPC site home page; and
  • you attribute the content to OPC, provide a link to the CC licence, and indicate if any changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests we endorse you or your use.

The details of the relevant licence conditions and the legal code (the full licence) are available on the Creative Commons website.

Attributing content

Content from the OPC site must be attributed using a set of words that include a reference to the OPC site as the source.

If the content has been changed you must use:

"Based on content from the Office of Parliamentary Counsel site at [full date of download]. For the latest information please go to

If the content has been not been changed you must use:

"Sourced from the Office of Parliamentary Counsel site at [full date of download]. For the latest information please go to

Third‑party copyright

Where material is identified as the copyright of a third party, the copyright owner’s permission to reuse it is required. Note that using any material without the copyright owner’s permission may breach the Copyright Act 1968.

Use of the Coat of Arms

The terms under which the Coat of Arms can be used can be obtained from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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