Drafting templates

The templates and accompanying material are provided for general information only. The user is responsible for ensuring that the template is appropriate for the purpose for which it is used, and that the final instrument is correct. If you would like OPC to consider your particular circumstances, contact your instruments client adviser. See also our disclaimer.

Instrument Templates - User Guide

Instructions on how to use the OPC drafting templates.

Template - amending instrument

For instruments that amend other instruments.

Template - appointment by the Governor-General

instruments of appointment that are to be made by the Governor General, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, other than instruments of appointment to be made by commission.

Template - appointments (other than by Governor-General)

For instruments of appointment that are to be made by persons other than the Governor General.

Template - authorisation

Used if an Act or instrument expressly provides a power for a person to authorise another person to hold a particular office (such as an “authorised officer”) or to perform particular functions or duties or exercise particular power

Template - delegation

Used if an Act or instrument provides a power to delegate a power, function or duty.

Template - principal instrument

For new principal instruments (which might be legislative instruments, notifiable instruments or neither a legislative nor a notifiable instrument).