Compilation services

OPC prepares compilations of Acts and instruments as amended. Compilations show the full text of an Act or instrument as in force from time to time.

The Legislation Act 2003 requires compilations of Acts, legislative instruments and notifiable instruments to be prepared and registered on the Federal Register of Legislation in a range of circumstances. For example, where an amendment is made, or a provision of a legislative instrument is disallowed.

Compilations of Acts and tied instruments

If an Act or a tied instrument (regulations, Ordinances and regulations of non‑self‑governing Territories and other legislative instruments made or approved by the Governor‑General) is amended, OPC will prepare a compilation of the amended Act or instrument so that it is ready before, or as soon as practicable after, the amendments commence. There is no charge for preparing the compilation. This is also the case for some limited categories of non‑tied instruments, such as rules of court.

Other compilation services

OPC can prepare compilations of legislation in other circumstances on a billable basis.

By engaging OPC to prepare a compilation, an agency can take advantage of the high level of skills and accuracy of OPC’s compilers.

Circumstances in which an agency might engage OPC to prepare a compilation include:

  • Compilations of non‑tied instruments: If a non‑tied instrument is amended, the responsible agency will need a compilation of the instrument as amended. OPC can be engaged to prepare the compilation, whether or not OPC drafted the instrument or the amendments of the instrument.
  • Future law compilations: Sometimes, it is helpful for an agency to have a compilation of an Act or instrument as proposed to be amended by a set of amendments that have not yet been enacted or made, or that have not yet come into force. These sorts of compilations can be useful in public consultations about proposed amendments, or to help familiarise agency staff with the impact of proposed amendments to legislation that they administer. OPC can be engaged to prepare such future law compilations.

OPC provides comprehensive, free access to Commonwealth Acts, legislative instruments and notifiable instruments, and related material, through the Federal Register of Legislation.