OPC drafts instruments to be made under Commonwealth legislation.

Under the Legal Services Directions, certain drafting work is tied to OPC. Agencies must use OPC's drafting services for regulations, Ordinances and regulations of external Territories and Jervis Bay Territory, and other legislative instruments made or approved by the Governor‑General.

There is generally no charge to agencies for this tied work.

Agencies may also use OPC’s specialist legislative drafting services for other legislative and notifiable instruments, as well as other instruments made under legislation. OPC undertakes this work on a fee‑for‑service basis. However, OPC does not charge for some limited categories of non‑tied instruments, such as rules of court.

Regulations, Ordinances and instruments to be made by the Governor-General in Council (ExCo instruments)

For example, Ministerial rules and determinations

If you are not sure whether your instrument is a tied instrument, you can contact the OPC instrument client adviser for your agency